Natality vs Mortality of Great White Sharks

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main causes of nataly and mortality in great white sharks

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Natality vs Mortality of Great White Sharks
  1. Natality
    1. Hard to determine due to the Inaccessibility of the specie
      1. Sexual maturity
        1. Juvenile
          1. Subadult
            1. Adult
            2. Aplacental vivipary
              1. They are not embryophagus
                1. Mating probably occurs between spring- summer
                  1. Gestation period unknown
                    1. Life time: 70 years in average
                    2. Mortality
                      1. Shark attacks on humans
                        1. GIll netting program (South Africa)
                          1. 40 km of nets, 1354 sharks catched per year (in average)
                            1. 39 white sharks
                          2. Fishing = overexploitation
                            1. Serious decline in shark population seen since 1992
                              1. Commercial fishing
                                1. Provoked and un provoked attacks
                                  1. Reputation
                                  2. Great White Sharks: The Biology of Charcharodon Charcharias
                                    1. Main objectives of the book
                                      1. -Improve the reputation of the Sharks
                                        1. Make Five Expeditions
                                          1. Tag as Many White Sharks as Possible
                                            1. Provide a long term assesment of population dynamics
                                              1. Protect the species
                                                1. Create Laws that prohibit shark fishing in south california, south australia and south africa and create conservation programs world wide
                                                  1. show a Full detail of the Great white shark Biology
                                                  2. Main results a conclusions from the book
                                                    1. Results
                                                      1. Shak biology and behavior studied
                                                        1. 73-94 Sharks tagged
                                                          1. Recorded interactions of humans and sharks, fishing, tagging attacks etc...
                                                            1. successful efort to protect white shark in californian and south african waters
                                                            2. Main conlusions
                                                              1. Fishing mortality was assumed to be constant
                                                                1. Rarity of species
                                                                  1. Great white Sharks are an endangerde species, Status: Vulnerable
                                                                    1. Myths still preveal
                                                                      1. Key organism for ecological balance
                                                                    2. Chapters Used ( the Chapters are cientific papers with an unique theme about Great white sharks
                                                                      1. Chapter 13: Reproduction in the male White shark ( Pag 131)
                                                                        1. Chapter 14: Pregnant white sharks and full-term embryos from japan (Pag 139)
                                                                          1. Chapter 15: Observations on a pregnant white shark with a review of reproductive biology (Pag 157)
                                                                            1. Chapter 36: First estimates of mortality and population size on the south african coast ( Pag 393)
                                                                              1. Chapter 37 : Population Dynamics of white sharks in spencer gulf, South australia (Pag 401)
                                                                                1. Chapter 45: More rare than dangerous: a case study of white shark conservation in california (Pag 481)
                                                                                2. General Methods from the book and it´s papers
                                                                                  1. methodology of Clark and Von Schmidt, And Pratt
                                                                                    1. Lateral or ventral incision
                                                                                      1. tagging, shark capture, nets
                                                                                        1. Petersen estimate
                                                                                          1. Baranov catch equation
                                                                                            1. population size determined by Petersen estimate
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