Whither conservation ethics ( callicott)

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Whither conservation ethics ( callicott)
  1. Conservation began as a moral movement
    1. brief history
      1. Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau
        1. Emerson ( nature can be a temple)
          1. Too much civilized refinement can overripen the human spirit (Thoreau)
            1. John Muir
              1. morally changed campaign for appreciation and preservation of wild nature
                1. to satisfy our spiritual needs
                  1. aesthetic contemplation
                    1. healing rest/relaxation
                    2. education/recreation
                      1. against destruction for material need
                      2. both muir and thoreau undemocratic
                        1. human satisfaction from nature is morally superior than other needs
                          1. natural areas/species have intrinsic value based on religious view
                        1. progressivism
                          1. Gifford Pinchot
                            1. nature is to serve for the betterment of the many not merely a few
                              1. the greatest good for the greatest number for the longest time
                                1. multiple use framework
                                  1. equity for both present and future generations
                                    1. markets rarely take into account externalities
                                2. Resouce Convservation ethic
                                  1. characterized by the gospel of efficiency
                                    1. moral principles
                                      1. just and fair distribution of natural resources
                                          1. efficiency- a natural resource should not be wastefully exploited
                                          2. 18th-19th century conservation worldview
                                  2. Leopold
                                    1. nature is
                                      1. ecological perspective
                                        1. not a collection of externally related useful, useless, and noxious species
                                          1. nature is a vast intricately organized and tightly integrated system of complex processes in an organized landscape of soils and waters
                                            1. you cannot lift the veil of a biota to distinguish utility
                                              1. difficult to determine where utility begins and ends
                                                1. conditions by interwoven cooperations and competitions
                                            2. we cannot get rid of fauna or faunal without destructive ecological chain reactions
                                              1. must ensure that natural processes and the integrity of the natural systems must continue
                                          2. evolutionary-ecological land ethic
                                            1. ensures ecosystems remain stable
                                              1. processes and interactions are complex and integrated
                                                1. are similar to organisms
                                                  1. needs all of its organs to survive
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