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Copyright is...


Concept map of copyright law
Mind Map by catherine.orourk, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by catherine.orourk over 6 years ago

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Copyright is...
  1. legally protecting YOU if you are the author!
    1. But also allows others to access the material
    2. What do I do if I want to use an image for my assignment?
      1. You can use the fair use exemption which states.....
        1. 1. You can use the image if it is for nonprofit/educational reasons.
          1. 2. You are using work/images that contain facts
            1. 3. You are using a small amount of the whole part
              1. 4. You are not trying to make money
                1. 5. Author has said is okay for reuse
                2. It is important to TRANSFORM the piece!
                  1. You must ADD to the image- make it YOURS!
                    1. You must link back to the original piece
                      1. Good sites to use include:,


                        • If you USE a google search - you need to make sure it is reusable
                      2. Ask Permission OR use the fair use "test"
                      3. ALWAYS make sure you give credit to the author


                        • INCLUDE - title, author,  - you need to show where you got it - include the link/url/address SO  I know where to find the original!
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