Research Topic: how valid is a vegan lifestyle in terms of ethics, sustainability and health?

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Research Topic: how valid is a vegan lifestyle in terms of ethics, sustainability and health?
1 Resources
1.1 Primary
1.1.1 Experiment Test whether non vegans think veganism is valid before and after education on A.A.
1.1.2 Interviews Pro-vegan School vegan club local vegan leaders Other experts Anti-vegan animal agriculture farmers Business owners
1.2 Secondry
1.2.1 News reports
1.2.2 Libraries
1.2.3 Internet
1.2.4 Documentaries
2 Capabilities
2.1 Critical and creative thinking
2.1.1 Reflecti on, adjust and explain thoughts
2.1.2 Think critically, logically, ethically, and reflectively
2.2 Literacy
2.2.1 Communicate with a range of people Research, interviews, experiments
2.2.2 Ask questions and express opinions
2.2.3 Understandi different text types
2.3 Numeracy
2.3.1 Interpret graphs and tables
2.3.2 Interpret and incorporate statistics
3 Topic (veganism)
3.1 Background
3.1.1 What is it?
3.1.2 History Who? when? Where? why?
3.2 Modern motivation behind veganism?
3.2.1 Ethics Treatment of animals
3.2.2 Health disease preventionl heart attacks Cancer Type 2 diabetes Osteoporosi physical benefits Weight loss Allergies Energy Longer life PMS
3.2.3 Sustainability World Hunger Environment Global Warming Biodiversity
3.3 arguments against veganism or in favour of omnivorous diet
3.3.1 Health side effects protein, calcium and others
3.3.2 Pointless
3.3.3 Jobs
3.3.4 justification of animal agriculture
3.3.5 Alternatives to Veganism
3.4 maintainable in modern world?
3.4.1 time
3.4.2 expense
3.4.3 societal jedgement
4 Challenges
4.1 Bias of others in studies
4.2 Linited Time
4.3 Own personal bias
5 Presentation
5.1 Evaluation
5.2 Outcome
5.2.1 Present findings
5.3 Folio
5.3.1 Proposal
5.3.2 Evidence of research Annotated info Websites Artcicles Books Interviews Surveys and experiment Journal
5.3.3 Teacher discussion
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