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Brief explanation of the nervous system and nerve impulse conduction

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1 Classification
1.1 Function
1.1.1 Sensory
1.1.2 Interneurons
1.1.3 Motor Somatic Autonomic Sympathetic Parasympathetic
1.2 Structure
1.2.1 Unipolar
1.2.2 Bipolar
1.2.3 Multipolar
2 Properties
2.1 Excitability
2.2 Conductivity
2.2.1 Saltatoy conduction Myelinated axons
2.2.2 Regular conduction Unmyelinated axons
2.3 Secretion
3 Anatomy
3.1 Soma
3.2 Dendrites
3.3 Axon
3.3.1 Transport Axonal Anterograde Retrograde Microtubules guides
4 supported by
4.1 Glial cells
4.1.1 CNS Astrocytes Blood brain barrier Microglia Ependymal cells Oligodendrocytes
4.1.2 PNS Satellite cells Scwann cells
5 Comunicate
5.1 by signals
5.1.1 Chemical signals neurotransmitters Excitatory EPSP Inhibitory IPSP
5.1.2 Electrical signals Action potentials (BUZZ) properties = strentgh =speed different frequency 3 phases hyperpolarization repolarization depolarization changes in resting membrane potential -70mV
5.2 through synapses
5.2.1 Chemical synapses ligand-gated channels
5.2.2 Electrical synapses gap junctions
5.2.3 Types Axodendritic Axosomatic Axoaxonix
6 Tuberlike structure of neurons
6.1 Spinal cord
6.1.1 Vertebrae protect spinal cord
6.1.2 Central Nervous System (CNS) The brain Cerebellum controls Voluntary movements Balance Posture Store info about the movements you often do Brain stem controls Voluntary Movements Connects Brain with the spinal cord Cerebrum Largest part of the brain controls Memory Language process Touch Sight Nervous System Peripheral nervous system (PNS) Somatic System Voluntary movements controls Skeletal muscle Autonomic System Involuntary mvemebts controls Smooth muscle Cardiac Muscle
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