Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet
1 Prologue
1.1 Two Households, both alike in dignity
1.1.1 Montagues
1.1.2 Capulets
1.2 Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean
1.2.1 Fights between the two families
1.2.2 Capulet and Montague Kinsmen
1.3 A pair of star cross'd lovers take their life
1.3.1 Romeo Montague
1.3.2 Juliet Capulet
1.3.3 Romeo and Juliet are in love (star cross'd lovers)
2 Charachters
2.1 Capulets
2.1.1 Juliet
2.1.2 Lord Capulet
2.1.3 Lady Capulet
2.1.4 Tybalt
2.2 Montagues
2.2.1 Romeo Juliet
2.2.2 Lord Montague
2.2.3 Lady Montague
2.3 Others
2.3.1 Balthasar Romeo's friend and servent
2.3.2 Mercutio Romeo Romeo's best friend
2.3.3 Nurse Juliet Brings Juliet up, on behalf of Lady Capulet
2.3.4 Paris Most eligible bachelor in all of Verona Set to wed Juliet
2.3.5 Prince Escalus
2.3.6 Friar Lawrence
2.3.7 Sampson and Gregory
3 Plot Points
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