Anna Karenina

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Created by jadebonacolta almost 6 years ago
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GCSE Subjects
Anna Karenina
1 Anna fights with Karenin before he leaves the estate
1.1 Karenin runs into Vronsky at the estate
2 Anna sends a note to Vronsky to come to her estate
3 Vronsky
4 Karenin
4.1 Karenin goes to dinner at the Oblonsky's
4.1.1 The Oblonskys Levin meets Kitty for the first time since she rejected his proposal Kitty accepts Levin's proposal Levin Kitty Dolly Dolly speaks to Karenin about his intention to divorce Anna Dolly protests that Anna will be ruined Dolly is uplifted when she sees the dynamic between Kitty and Levin Karenin briefly meets Levin