Unit 5

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Unit 5

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Unit 5
  1. Grammar Spotlight
    1. Past Continuos
      1. Affirmative
        1. I, He, She, It => Was +verb +ing He Was Living in Gemanry While I Was in College
          1. You, We, they=> Were+Verb+ing We Were taking a Shower When The Lights went out
          2. Negative
            1. I,He, She ,It=>Was+not(Wasn't)+ver+ing She wasn't taking a shower when the lights went out
              1. You, We,They=> Were +not (Weren't)+verb+ing They weren't traveling by ship
              2. Yes/no question
                1. I , He ,She ,It=> Was+ you+ working + that night ? V.Aux + subj +verb +ing+...?
                  1. You, We, They- Were+ you+ working+that night? V.Aux Subj. Verb+ing ....?
                  2. W question
                    1. I,He,She,It=> what +was+ she +doing+...? W.Quest. V.Aux Subj Verb+ing ...?
                      1. You, We, They- where+were+you+living+...? W quest V Aux Subj Verb+ing ...?
                    2. Idioms Spotlight
                        1. 1. Reinventig the wheel 2. Asleep at the wheel. 3. The wheels have come off
                      1. Phrasal Verbs
                          1. "(...) and yet still answering emails until you fall asleep
                        1. Quotes Spotlight
                          1. Working had and working smat sometimes can be two different things" Byron Dorgan
                          2. Brands Spotlight
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