How I intend to develop my transferable skills:

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Mind map of skills i will use at work placement

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How I intend to develop my transferable skills:
1 Organisation
1.1 The skill will be used in any future job I get, it's a neccesity in the proffesional work enviroment.
1.1.1 I will develop it by always coming equipt, have a pen and the correct stationary, making notes where necessary.
2 Product knowledge
2.1 by reading and researching the website and articles on the product and brand I can gain product knowledge which will aid me in selling the product.
3 Customer Interaction
3.1 By shadowing my manager I can learn how to interact and please the customer.
4 Leadership
4.1 by shadowing my manager I can watch how they delegate and lead the team of people.
5 research skills
5.1 By practicing my research skills by using search engines and things I can develop this skill
6 Confidence
6.1 By devloping my knowledge of products and how the brand works I can improve my confidence and confidently sell the product.
7 Making decisions
7.1 Regonising a poblem and the key parts will help me make decisions.
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