Transferable Business Skills

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transferable business skills

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Transferable Business Skills
1 How will I develop my Punctuality and Planning skills?
1.1 I will use my experience from work placement to focus on furthering my ability to be able to plan ahead so all tasks are undertaken in a timely fashion
1.2 I will use my time effectively to plan and structure my work to enable me to get everything done on time and on time
2 How will I develop my communication skills?
2.1 Continue to constantly network via friends,family,colleagues and college theres always and opportunity out there and someone who knows someone, make yourself noticed and work hard theres no reason you can't get to the goal you have set yourself
2.2 Make sure I take my time when speaking - theres no rush! people therefore will want to listen to me and I can clearly get my point across and be recognised
3 How will I develop my skills of multitasking
3.1 Understand a list of tasks and a viable way to work your way through a list which may require you to be thinking about multiple tasks at once
3.2 Challenging myself in furthering my career which incorporates taking on multiple responsibilities
4 How will I develop my teamwork skills
4.1 Make sure I put my ideas ahead clearly so others can understand me
4.2 Put myself forward for team leader roles more often,believe in my capabilities to be able to lead a team and take everyones ideas into account and then delegate work accordingly
5 How will I develop my independent learning skills
5.1 Pushing myself to take on more responsibilities for example in my new job role I have my own section which I am now responsible for those brands and the VM in that area
5.2 I will continue to work on my independent learning by taking the initiative to help myself for example applying for more work experience and looking out for courses and opportunities which will help me in the future
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