Identity: Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Sexuality

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Identity: Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Sexuality
1 Field Note; Building Walls
1.1 the people of Indonesia still make bricks by sun+hand
1.1.1 something the US has not done for 100 yrs
1.2 different cultures+societies have gendered* jobs that are perceived appropriate for wo/men
1.2.1 women are often seen as expendable
1.2.2 divisions of labor
2 What is Identity, and how are Identities constructed?
2.1 Race
2.1.1 division of race* started during colonization creating racism*
2.1.2 can have to do w/ social class/status
2.2 Race+Ethnicity in the US
2.2.1 usually something assigned than chosen
2.2.2 white, non-white
2.2.3 ethnicities and races are different
2.3 Residential Segregation*
2.3.1 some of the most dramatic geographic impacts of racism is @ the neighborhood scale steadily decreasing
2.4 Identities Across Scales
2.4.1 complex in a globalized world
2.5 The Scale of NYC
2.5.1 more diverse than any other city in USA
2.5.2 have an impact on NYC's cultural landscape
2.5.3 succession*= Washington Heights
2.6 identity* is marked through cars, clothing, club memberships, jewelry, + houses
2.7 we use identifying against* to identify ourselves
3 How do places affect identity, and how can we see identities in places?
3.1 Ethnicity and Place
3.1.1 people are bound to their group and region Swiss Americans Chinatown in Mexicali
3.2 Identity and Space
3.2.1 space* "social relations stretched out"
3.2.2 place* how space comes together
3.2.3 people make places based on social relationships
3.2.4 many geographers are studying sexuality and space/queer theory*
3.3 our sense of place* becomes part of our identity
4 How does geography reflect and shape power relationships among groups?
4.1 Just Who Counts?
4.1.1 depends on who's in charge women are often undervalued pay gap
4.2 Vulnerable Populations
4.2.1 power relationships can have big impact bc illness, owies,+famine discovered through fieldwork HIV/AIDS
4.3 Women is Subsaharan Africa
4.3.1 numerically dominated by women hardest jobs, worst rights men trade, women produce
4.3.2 many countries guarantee a certain % of women in gov
4.4 Dowry Deaths* in India
4.4.1 many brides are killed for dowries
4.4.2 Nisha Sharma = hero, stood up to groom's fam
4.4.3 less arranged marriages
4.5 Shifting Power Relations Among Ethnic Groups
4.5.1 groups are happier when economy is good blame "other" when bad Chinese Exclusion Act
4.5.2 many latinos in LA changed cultural landscape riots caused availability of jobs decreased
4.6 power relationships = who has power
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