Sports Ergonomics

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Sports Ergonomics
  1. Individual factors that effect performance in sport
    1. Age
      1. Strategy
        1. Motiation
          1. Reaction Times
            1. Agility/Mobility
              1. Anthropometry/Somatatype
                1. Ectomorph
                  1. Narrow-shaped body with little fat or muscle. Ideal body type for long-distance runners.
                  2. Endomorph
                    1. Pear-shaped body, wide hips, wide shoulders, can have a lot fat on body, arms and thighs. When fit, ideal body type for weightlifting, wrestling
                    2. Mesomorph
                      1. Wedge-shaped body, wide shoulders, narrow hips, muscular. Ideal body type for sprinters.
                    3. Aerobic/Anarobic Capacity
                    4. Gender
                      1. Technique
                        1. Muscle strength/type
                          1. Mechanical efficiency in task
                        2. Measuring metabolic rate for an activity
                          1. Need to know Skin area: A = 0.202W0.425H0.725 W=Weight (Kg) and H=Height (m)
                            1. Need to know metabolic rate for activity (table)
                              1. Metabolic rate (in Kcals/hour) = 50*Number of Mets*A
                              2. Aerobic Capacity
                                1. Aerobic power- the highest level of oxygen consumption an individual can attain (VO2Max)
                                  1. 75% genes, 25% training
                                    1. Population av. 40 ml/Kg/min
                                      1. Athletes >70 ml/Kg/min
                                        1. Measured in progressive steps until voluntary exhaustion
                                          1. Lactate threshold- a point in exercise when blood lactate levels start to increase from baseline
                                            1. Lactate turnpoint- point in exercise when blood lactate levels increase dramatically
                                            2. Equipment factors that effect performance in sport
                                              1. Implements
                                                1. Extension of human limbs
                                                  1. Material Properties
                                                    1. Weight - golf club
                                                      1. Stiffness - pole vault
                                                        1. Toughness - bobsled
                                                          1. Damping - tennis racket
                                                            1. Fatigue resistance - mountain bike
                                                          2. Surfaces
                                                            1. Natural
                                                              1. Synthetic
                                                              2. Clothing/Shoes
                                                                1. Performance Enhancing
                                                                  1. Aerodynamic fit (swimsuit-too efficient?)
                                                                    1. Freedom of movement
                                                                      1. Need for heat loss/gain
                                                                      2. Protecting
                                                                        1. Visibility
                                                                          1. Fire Protection
                                                                            1. Repellence of water/rain
                                                                              1. Air permeability
                                                                              2. Shoe design
                                                                                1. Performance issues: Weight, Cushioning, Lateral support, Heal/toe ratio,Grip
                                                                                  1. Barefoot running shoes
                                                                                    1. Highly cushioned running shoes are a relatively recent design development
                                                                                      1. Footstrike patterns: Heel, Midfoot, Forefoot
                                                                                        1. A- running with shoes, B-Barefoot running (no initial peak impact forces- potential injury causer)
                                                                                          1. Shoes change our natural mechanic, creating mechanical changes that are not optimal for running fast (decreased stride frequency, increased ground contact, decreased stiffness of the system, decreased elastic contribution


                                                                                        2. GoalKeeper Gloves
                                                                                          1. Key design aims
                                                                                            1. Fit/general comfort
                                                                                              1. Protection
                                                                                                1. Grip
                                                                                                  1. Thermal Comfort
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