Environment - renewable energy sources

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Environment - renewable energy sources
1 Solar engery
1.1 Pros
1.1.1 it's safe
1.1.2 it's renewable
1.1.3 it's clean >> free of pollution, waste and noise
1.1.4 can be used in every household
1.1.5 needs less area than coal plants
1.2 Cons
1.2.1 much higher costs (compared to fossil fuels)
1.2.2 In winter the suntime is too small
2 Wind
2.1 Pros
2.1.1 eco-friendly/ environmentally friendly
2.1.2 low frequency noise
2.1.3 a safe method without side effects
2.1.4 the turbines have no effect on animals
2.1.5 doesn't harm the production on the field
2.2 Cons
2.2.1 not always available >> it's not always windy
2.2.2 wind turbines may have a negative effect on wild bird populations
2.2.3 high capital costs (Investitionskosten)
3 Biomass
3.1 How it works
3.1.1 Biomass energy is created by organic matter. It's formed when the sun shines on plants and trees.
3.1.2 Main source = wood waste from industries and cities are also used
3.1.3 Biogas / methane is produced from the decomposition (Zersetung) of biomass and sewage (Abwasser)
3.2 Pros
3.2.1 using waste materials reduces the impact on the environment
3.2.2 Fuel tends to be cheap
3.2.3 less demand (Nachfrage) on the Earth's resources
3.3 Cons
3.3.1 Collecting the waste in sufficient quantities (ausreichende Mengen) can be difficult
3.3.2 Fuel is still being burnt >> still generating greenhouse gases
4 Tidal
4.1 Pros
4.1.1 doesn't have a large environmental impact
4.1.2 predictable
4.1.3 no atmosphere waste
4.1.4 needs no fuel
4.1.5 not expensive to maintain
4.2 Cons
4.2.1 expensive to build
4.2.2 affects a huge area
4.2.3 only provides power for about 10 hours per day
4.2.4 many birds rely on the tide uncovering the mut flats to eat
5 Geothermal
5.1 How it works
5.1.1 Underground hot rocks heat up water >> steam and hot water are recovered. The steam is accessed through drilling and used to run turbines and generators.
5.2 Pros
5.2.1 Doesn't pollute the earth
5.2.2 doesn't contribute to the greenhouse effect
5.2.3 No fuel is needed
5.2.4 Energy which may be needed can be taken from the energy being generated
5.3 Cons
5.3.1 There aren't many places where a geothermal plant can be built
5.3.2 geothermal site may run out of steam for decades
5.3.3 dangerous gases and minerals may come up from the underground >> difficult to dispose of
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