Mary Queen of Scots and Catholic Powers 1568-1588

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A-Level Tudor History Mind Map on Mary Queen of Scots and Catholic Powers 1568-1588, created by Tom Peters on 12/30/2015.

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Mary Queen of Scots and Catholic Powers 1568-1588
1 Parry Plot 1585
1.1 Parry went over to France to defend those in exile because of Elizabethan settlement
1.2 Allegedly plotted to assassinate Elizabeth
1.2.1 Examined by Walshingham
1.3 Elizabeth sent Parry to the gallows amongst calls for stricter punishment
1.3.1 Eventually executed 1585
1.4 Liaised with MQS spies in Paris
2 Mary Queen of Scots - The Issue
2.1 Duke of Norfolk (1569 - 1571)
2.2 Spain - Catholic superpower
2.3 Elizabeth is unmarried - no heir
2.4 Her marriages - 'involved' in murder
2.5 Religion - Roman Catholic
2.6 Strong French connections
2.6.1 Guise Family
2.7 MQS claim to the throne - Henry VIII
2.8 Papacy (1570)
3 1568 - Annus horiblis (Horrible Year)
3.1 MQS arrived from Scotland
3.2 Spain had entered the Netherlands (Duke of Alva)
4 Throckmorton Plot 1583
4.1 Francis Throckmorton a devout Catholic
4.2 Aimed to overthrow Elizabeth and replace w/MQS
4.3 Throckmorton executed
4.4 Spanish Ambassador (De Mendosa) sent back to Spain and said he'd return with an army
5 Bond of Association
5.1 Vowed to seek revenge for assassination of Elizabeth and kill replacement (if MQS)
5.2 Subjects had to faithfully serve and obey Queen
6 Babington Plot
6.1 Ballard (Catholic Priest) and Babington plotted Elizabeth's assassination and MQS's release
6.2 Phillip II of Spain promised to send troops when assassination had occured
6.3 Walshingham used a double agent to trick MQS into agreeing and authorizing assassination through beer barrel letters intercepted
7 Not a threat
7.1 No/ little foreign support
7.1.1 Kicked out of Scotland / Left France
7.2 Claim was rennounced
7.3 Not as strong as Elizabeth
7.4 Elizabeth establihed
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