Foreign Policy under Eisenhower and Dulles

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Foreign Policy under Eisenhower and Dulles
1 Eisenhower
1.1 President 1953-1961
1.2 Army general - helped to plan D-day landings = EXPERIENCE
1.3 Massively critical of Truman
1.3.1 Thought containment had failed
1.3.2 Ike fears the domino theory
1.4 Election campaign
1.4.1 Roll back
1.4.2 Military spending
2 Dulles
2.1 Secretary of state 1953-1959
2.2 In charge of foreign affairs
2.3 Said he wanted to 'liberate the states of Eastern Europe from the evils of communism
3 'New Look'
3.1 Designed by Dulles
3.2 Underlying assumption that the USSR were expansionist
3.3 Said about the use of containment or rollback with communism
3.4 Truman attempted rollback with Korea so rollback wasn't completely new
3.5 Massive retaliation
3.5.1 Said that ANY threat to the US will result in nuclear weapon usage THREAT= spread of communism
3.6 Brinkmanship
3.6.1 Pushing nuclear weapons until USSR back down MAJOR PROBLEM Neither may back down
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