Are Rossetti's women defiant ?

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Created by georgie2617 almost 6 years ago
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Are Rossetti's women defiant ?
1 What is defiance ?
1.1 Behaviour in which you refuse to obey someone or something
1.2 refusal to conform
1.3 open resistance
1.4 bold defiance
2 Refusal to obey a man
2.1 Convent Threshold
2.1.1 refuses to continue there relationship
2.1.2 Is she defiant at all she is giving up a life of sin to embrace religion
2.2 Cousin Kate
2.2.1 she is proud of her son and refuses to let the Lord bring her down
2.2.2 confidant she is in the right
2.3 Maude Claire
2.3.1 She refuses to hide away makes her voice heard
2.3.2 Maude means a women strong in battle
2.4 A royal Princess
2.4.1 she refuses to act like a normal princess
2.4.2 determined to be defiant throws herself to the people
3 Giving into / upholding public exspectations
3.1 Jessie Cameron
3.1.1 breaks up with him ?
4 Fallen Women
4.1 Don't follow social expectations
4.2 They suffer because of their acts
4.2.1 Cousin Kate
4.2.2 Suffer because they are defiant
4.3 Defiance requires strength
4.3.1 Cousin Kate - proud of her "mistake"
5 Are Rossetti's women Repressed ?
5.1 The social expectations that we would today class as repression were not then
5.1.1 Context
5.1.2 sex before marriage
5.2 Subduing someone by force
5.2.1 is anyone forced to do anything ? Cousin Kate forced out the communty Jessie Cameron forced to break up with him forced to run with him

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