Sab8#152:_Manage Stakeholder Engagement

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Sab8#152:_Manage Stakeholder Engagement
1 Working with the stakeholders to understand their needs and keep them involved in all of the decisions that affect them as the project progresses. CLEARING UP MISUNDERSTANDINGS
2 Communication Management Plan
3 Stakeholder Management Plan
4 Organizationa Process Assets OPA's
5 Change log
6 Communications methods
6.1 Push, interactive or pull
7 Interpersonal skills
7.1 Use "soft skills" to keep everybody on track and working toward the same goal
8 Management skills
8.1 Focus on communication with the stakeholder about issues
9 Issue log
10 Change requests
11 Project document updates
12 Organizational Process Assets updates OPA's
13 Project Management plan updates
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