March 31, 1999

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A life map full of transition, challenges, and accomplishments.

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March 31, 1999
1 Sheppard Public School - Age 5- Jane &Finch
1.1 Moved to Brampton -2005- Started 'Red Willow' School
1.1.1 Participated in school Talent Show Started Middle School -Calderstone Middle School- 2010- Met 5 new friends Stayed at Sick Kids Hospital - 2011 - Grade 7 Grade 8- Auditioned for Mayfield Music Program Didn't Make it Discovered Diagnoses of Depression & Anxiety First Panic Attack Started High School -Grade 9- Grade 10 Grade 11 Admitted to Brampton Civic Hospital for 3 weeks. - CHAD Unit - Got a job opportunity at Shoppers Drug Mart from Co - Op course Doing well, I take time for myself when I start to get overwhelmed or stressed out. Got my life back together - Started to do better in school- Experienced 2 more Panic Attacks Tried new ways to improve physical health and mental health. Changing my habits. Getting out more and spending time with friends and family. Failed English, French, and Science Took Summer School for English and Science I was very disappointed in myself in failing my courses, and realized that I needed a new plan to succeed and do better next year. I spent a lot of time with friends to change my habits of being isolated Grade 6 - Discovered passion for singing Joined Band & Chior Played Tenor Saxophone I was very anxious about starting the school year with no friends or people I really new, and I was going through things that made me feel very down and sad. I developed my quiet and observant personality trait. I learned my amazing singing skills Participated in Social Justice and was one of the leader singers.
1.1.2 Met 3 new Friends - Christabell, Judy, Chelsea Judy and Chelsea moved/transferred to a new school
1.1.3 Very scared at first to be meeting new people and being in a new school, but I made friends the very first second I was introduced, and I wasn't so bothered about my fear.
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