Evolution of Mobile Devices

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Mobile Device Evolution Mind Map

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Evolution of Mobile Devices
1 The History of Mobile Devices is divided by generations. These generations are defined by technological and comercial aspects
2 0G
2.1 Late XIX Century and most of XX Century
2.1.1 The communication Technology was based on the radio frequencies used for maritime navigation.
3 1G
3.1 1980
3.1.1 Its goal was to reach the Enterprise Technology. Motorola Motorola develops the first terminal in competence with Velas. The Roaming is introduced.
4 2G
4.1 1990
4.1.1 Digital Technology is introduced. It features Communication from end to end, text and multimedia Messages. First Payment Services are introduced in Finland. In Japan they introduce the Internet Accessibility via WAM.
4.2 2.5G
4.2.1 MMS and Multimedia services are introduced
5 3G
5.1 2000
5.1.1 First Streaming Services by Nokia and Disney Comunicaciones standars such as UMTS appear.
5.2 3.5G
5.2.1 Faster Transmittance Data is introduced.
6 4G
6.1 Late 2000's and the Decade of 2010
6.1.1 It marks the end of the circuit computing and it adopts computing via packages. Introduction of LTE, improving the Internet reception.
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