Feminism (IR)

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Feminism (IR)

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Feminism (IR)
1 Marxist view of feminism: women need more representation in the labor force
2 Feminist view of security is different from that of realists; stronger focus on domestic security. International and domestic security are intermingled
3 Myth of protection
4 Gendered division of labor
5 Liberal feminists believe removing legal obstacles will lead to overcoming women’s subordination and that all individuals are essentially similar. All other approaches though (called post-liberal) see the patriarchal structures in society and remedies alone cannot overcome those
6 Post-structuralist feminists believe that gender identities are created by/through discourse and that the state constitutes a patriarchal system. The state seeks to preserve gender inequality
7 Ontology and gender studies (what are we studying?)
7.1 Rationalist (tries to find a theory that can lead to an explanation)
7.1.1 The state can be liberal or norm-driven. Applies a positivist (empirical) approach
7.2 "Standpoint" perspective (focus on questioning existing knowledge)
7.2.1 The state constitutes a patriarchal system. Focus on past experiences
7.3 Post-structuralist perspective (focus on the way people talk about/describe things)
7.3.1 The state constitutes a patriarchal system. Focus on discourse
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