'Why does my heart feel so bad' - Moby

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GCSE Music (Moby) Mind Map on 'Why does my heart feel so bad' - Moby, created by Edward Aris on 01/17/2016.

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'Why does my heart feel so bad' - Moby
1 Melody/ Vocal samples
1.1 Two vocal samples taken from a 1953 recording of an american gospel choir
1.1.1 Sample 1 Male singer Used for verses Narrow vocal range (G - D)
1.1.2 Sample 2 Female singer Used for Choruses
1.2 samples have a vintage sound as it means there is more emotional impact
2 Rhythm / metre / tempo
2.1 Metre is 4/4
2.1.1 Simple quadruple
2.2 98bpm
2.3 Syncopation used in ...
2.3.1 some synth string parts
2.3.2 The piano part
2.4 Drum loop
2.4.1 Breakbeat sampled from a hip hop track
2.4.2 Snare drum on beats 2 and 4
2.4.3 Kick drum on beats 1 and 3
2.4.4 Shaker plays continuous semi-quavers
2.5 Rhythms vary between sections for contrast
2.5.1 E.g. Piano chords are syncopated in Verse 1 but are static in Chorus 2
3 Tonality / Harmony
3.1 Entirely diatonic
3.2 Verse
3.2.1 Verse is in the key of A minor
3.2.2 Verse uses sus2 and sus4 chords
3.2.3 Am Am Em Em G G D D
3.3 1st half of the chorus
3.3.1 1st half of the chorus is ambiguous (either C major or A minor)
3.3.2 C C Am Am C C Am Am
3.4 2nd half of the chorus
3.4.1 2nd half of the chorus is in C major
3.4.2 F F C C F F C C
4 Use of technology
4.1 Reverb and delay
4.1.1 Noticeable at the breakdown
4.1.2 increased reverb in chorus 2a Sounds more distant
4.1.3 Decreased reverb in chorus 2b Sounds clearer
4.2 Panning
4.2.1 Intro is panned from the left to the right creating a sense of movement
4.3 Echoes
4.3.1 Verse 2 echoes a vocal sample using delay
4.4 Telephone EQ
4.4.1 Verse 2 is processed with EQ to remove upper and lower frequencies to make it sound a lot thinner
4.5 Electronic Ghosting
4.5.1 Remnants of the background singers who were featured in the original sample
5 Structure
5.1 Intro Verse1 Chorus1 Verse2 Break Chorus2 Outro
5.2 Smapls are looped for choruses and the verses
5.3 Breakdown is 1 bar of silence
6 Texture
6.1 Verse 1
6.1.1 1. First vocal sample enters
6.1.2 2. Drum loop enters + synth pad + synth string pad Call and response with the vocal sections
6.1.3 3. Synth Bass + synth string pad
6.1.4 4. Piano plays syncopated chords decorated with sus2 and sus4 chords
6.2 Built up as individual tracks are introduced
6.3 Intro = piano solo
6.4 Texture becomes thinner after breakdown
6.4.1 Piano and drums drop out Then they re-enter for Chorus 2b Drop out for Outro
6.5 Contrasts in texture through silence and static chords
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