Units of measurement

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Units of measurement
1 Phisical magnitudes
1.1 mass
1.1.1 Kilograms
1.1.2 Measured Balance Scale
1.2 Lenght
1.2.1 Metre
1.2.2 Measured Measuring tape Odometer Ruler
1.3 Surface area
1.3.1 Square metre
1.3.2 Measured Measuring tape Odometer Ruler
1.4 Volume
1.4.1 Cubic metres
1.4.2 Measured Test tube Pipette Flask Erleyemer flask Precipitation breaker
1.5 Capacity
1.5.1 Litre
1.5.2 Measured Test tube Pipette Flask Erlemeyer flask Precipitation flask
1.6 Temperature
1.6.1 Degree Kelvin
1.6.2 Measured Thermometer
1.7 Time
1.7.1 Second
1.7.2 Measured Watch Stopwatch
2 International System of Units
2.1 Units
2.1.1 Submultiples Deci 0.1 Centi 0.01 Mili 0.001 Micro 0.000001 Nano 0.000000001
2.1.2 Multiples Deca 10 Hecto 100 Kilo 1.000 Mega 100.000 Giga 100.000.000
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