Hitler and Nazi persecution (Holocaust)

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Hitler and Nazi persecution (Holocaust)
1 Jews~ How?
1.1 1933
1.1.1 Boycott of Jewish buisness
1.1.2 Jewish civil servants, teachers, lawyers sacked
1.1.3 Lessons taught to children in school, that Jews are inferior
1.2 1935
1.2.1 "Jews not wanted" signs put up in swimming pools
1.2.2 Jews not allowed to vote
1.2.3 Jews not allowed to marry German citizens
1.3 1938
1.3.1 Jews not allowed to be doctors
1.3.2 Jews had to add me name Israel (men) or Sarah (women) to their names so people could identify them
1.3.3 Jewish children forbidden from going to school
1.3.4 Attacks on Jewish homes ~ Kristallnacht
1.4 1939
1.4.1 Jews forbidden to own a business or to own a radio
1.4.2 Forced to live in ghettoes
1.5 1941
1.5.1 Army Einsatzgruppen squads in Russia started mass shootings of Jews
1.5.2 Forced to wear a yellow star of David
1.6 1942
1.6.1 Wansee conference. decided on final solution. Which was to gas all Europe's Jews.
2 Others
2.1 Gypsies
2.1.1 sent to concentration camps
2.2 Homosexuals
2.2.1 approx 15,000 imprisoned in camps
2.2.2 thousands perished
2.3 Disabled
2.3.1 About 200,000- 350,000 mentally and physically disabled disabled people forcibly sterilized until 1939
2.3.2 200,000 were murdered gassing starvation lethal injections
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