Civil Rights in the 1960s

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Nation 5 History (Free at Last) Mind Map on Civil Rights in the 1960s, created by Niamh Taylor on 01/22/2016.

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Civil Rights in the 1960s
1 Stokely Carmichael
1.1 wanted violent action against black segregation
1.2 leader of SNCC
2 Black Power
2.1 more extreme and aggressive message
2.2 wanted to take control of political and economic future
3 North and South
3.1 campaign in south over segregation
3.2 north ghettos, high rate of unemployment, poverty and hunger
4 Nation of Islam
4.1 supported creation of separate black nation
4.2 wanted to be separate from white society in every way
5 Malcolm X
5.1 preacher for Nation of Islam
5.2 black activist
5.3 didn't want white help
6 Black Panthers
6.1 black radical group
6.2 supported Anti-White, black separist idea
6.3 violence
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