Multimedia Basic Concepts

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To learn the most important things of multimedia

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Multimedia Basic Concepts
  1. Background
    1. Multimedia was born in 1946 with an artefact called Memex in wich you can save any type of document,then text and graphics came out and in 1983 the first apple computer
      1. Video games
        1. Ipod
          1. Printing press
        2. Elements
          1. Text
            1. The most common media,express especific information
            2. Audio
              1. Major role in some multi apps.
              2. Animation
                1. They include effects
                2. Video
                  1. The most common
                  2. Images
                    1. Interactive elemets
                  3. Social impact
                    1. People use them frecuently
                      1. Makes easy to understand a message
                        1. Billboards
                          1. Business marketing
                          2. Author's rights
                            1. A type of law that protects the author's work as part of copyright.
                              1. No plagiarism
                                1. Right to destibute their work,to destribute the work andto ave the license
                                2. Communication process
                                  1. Ideas
                                    1. Sender
                                      1. Encoiding
                                        1. Receiver
                                          1. Decoding
                                            1. Feedback
                                  2. Characteristics for a good desing
                                    1. Include a meaning
                                      1. Functional
                                        1. Well made
                                          1. Accesible
                                            1. Original
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