The changes which Blanche goes through in 'A Streetcar Named Desire'

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These are the changes which Blanche goes through as the play progresses.

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The changes which Blanche goes through in 'A Streetcar Named Desire'
1 Change in mental state
1.1 gradual progression into insanity
1.2 illustrated by the frequency and the intensity of the Varsuviana (polka tune)
1.3 loss of grasp over reality
1.3.1 at the beginning, she can still distinguish what is real and what is not
1.3.2 by the end her two worlds (fantasy and reality) have merged together
2 Change in circumstance
2.1 new situation (loss of wealth and money)
2.2 new location
2.2.1 loss of Belle Reve
2.2.2 moving to New Orleans different culture different mentality
2.2.3 Old South versus New South
3 Forced adaptation to her new situation
4 The one thing that doesn't change is her desperate need for fantasy
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