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  1. classified
    1. 1.Paraffinic
        1. petroleum flows easily and shows a clear hue. Paraffinic oil presents a considerable amount of naphta
        2. 3.Mixed
            1. Mixture of both types of compounds
            2. 2.Naphtenic
                1. produced by naphthenes and aromatic hydrocarbons. It is an extremely viscous crude oil, and shows a dark hue.
              1. Petroleum or crude oil is a complex mixture of organic compounds known as “hydrocarbons”.
                1. Products
                  1. Gas
                    1. fuels
                      1. Home heating
                        1. diesel engines
                          1. engine lubricants
                            1. cream
                              1. pavement
                    2. Exportation:
                      1. Locating the deposits.
                        1. technicians use techniques to scan the subsurface and produce a 2D or 3D image. Seismic reflection,
                          1. They look for differents kinds of rocks that contains oil
                            1. It can be found at Earth’s bottom, where hard rock layers must be drilled in order to obtain it.
                            2. oil deposits
                              1. Land
                                  1. at Earth’s bottom, where hard rock layers must be drilled in order to obtain it.
                                  2. sea
                                      1. At sea’s bottom. Crude oil can be obtained by fighting against sea currents and soil.
                                  3. Drilling
                                    1. The method Edwin Drake used to drill oil wells is called cable-tool or percussion drilling. A hole is punched into the ground by a heavy cutting tool called a bit that is attached to a cable and pulley system. The cable hangs from the top of a four-legged framework tower called a derrick.
                                  4. Comes From:
                                    1. formed throughout a long process that spanned millions of years based on plant and animal decomposition.
                                      1. It can be found within “bags” covered by hard rocks.
                                        1. Process:
                                          1. 1.Fractional distillation.
                                            1. 2.Conversion processes.
                                              1. 3.Treatment
                                                1. 4.Formulation and mixing
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