H818 conference presentation plan

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First draft of conference presentation plan - slide plan

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H818 conference presentation plan
  1. slide 1: title slide - add theme
    1. slide 2: my context & photo of me and my sts
      1. slide 3: importance of feedback to learning
        1. slide 4: feedback issues for Ls
          1. slide 5: feedback issues for Ts
            1. slide 6: how can online feedback help?
              1. slide 7: positive findings in literature about Turnitin & GradeMark
                1. slides 8 & 9: explain Turnitin & GradeMark - screenshots???
                  1. slide 11: introduce my project artefact - overall screenshot
                    1. slide 10: why are my resources needed - link to issues raised in literature & my context (NB - open resource)
                      1. slide 12: what will it include: overall audio introduction on how to use resources, how to...guides, research articles on online feedback, comments/discussion thread - screenshots and 1 min clip from how to...guide
                        1. slide 13: any questions?
                          1. slide 14: references
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