Issues in strategy

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issues in strategy

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Issues in strategy
1 A little bit of history
1.1 Strategy is...
1.1.1 Direction of organization
1.1.2 Selection of Goals
1.1.3 What are we going to offer? Products Services
1.1.4 How we are going to coordinate our work?
1.2 Young academic field
1.3 Originated in business schools
1.3.1 Harvad taught the first business policy course Became an standard for other Universities No theorical, teach by Experimented teachers or former general manangers Explain cases most of the time And not Articles or books Academics decide 1970 Make Research records Interest in plannig
1.4 1980 Strategy Manangment Society was formed
1.4.1 Practitioners
1.4.2 Consultants
1.4.3 Academics
1.5 Chandler
1.5.1 Basis concepts
1.6 Andrews
1.7 Ansoff
2 1960: Birth of strategic managment
2.1 Strategic adaptation
2.2 Growth of large businesses
2.2.1 Explored how tehir administrative structures Adapted to accommodate that growth Like GM Sears EXXON Showed how executives Discovered Roles Making long term Decisions about the direction of their enterprises Then Invest for Strategy work Modified Organizational structure Strategy work Rather than Just effency
2.3 Environment
2.3.1 Constant change Opportunites and threats Organizations adapt Strengths take advantage of opportunities Internal Competencies Plus Enviroment Factor of success Weaknesses avoid threats
2.4 Objetives + Purposes + Goals
2.4.1 And Major policies and plans
2.5 Mid-1960
2.5.1 The Boston COnsulting Group BCG Segmentation studies Experience curve growth-share matrix
3 1970 Long-term-plannig
3.1 wasn´t working
3.1.1 Importance of enviroment
3.2 Diversification strategy
4 1980
4.1 Porter
4.1.1 5 forces
5 Allied disciplines
5.1 Economics
5.2 Sociology
5.3 Political science
5.4 Psychology
6 Has to do with
6.1 Groups
6.1.1 Beginning
6.1.2 Continuing success
6.1.3 To adapt to its context
7 It has four fundamental questions
7.1 How do firms behave?
7.2 Why are firms different
7.3 What is the function of value added by the headquarters unit in a diversified firm?
7.4 What determines succes or failure in international competition
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