Can Another Body Be Seen as an Extension of Your Own?

Luisa  Reyes
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Articulo de como las personas se conectan

Luisa  Reyes
Created by Luisa Reyes almost 4 years ago
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Can Another Body Be Seen as an Extension of Your Own?
1 The relationship between a person’s notion of self-hood and the openness of their body schema to another human being hints that perhaps it’s no coincidence that tango, which takes entanglement to sublime heights, originated in a culture that orients toward interdependence.
2 “speak in awe of the way that individuality dissolves into a meditative unity for the three minutes that the dance lasts. Time and space give way to a unique moment of presence, of flow within and between partners.”
3 In this article some people have the interest to investigate how two different people can make a magnificent conection to create a dance.
4 They look how this people are connected and how their minds are conected being two different people.
5 And look how they can be only one.
6 At the heart of the puzzle is the notion of a body schema—a mental representation of the physical self that allows us to navigate through space without smashing into things.
7 Tests show that participants extended their body schemas to incorporate a partner’s body part when it had been involved in a jointly coordinated activity.

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