Why are deserts hot and dry?

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Why are deserts hot and dry?
1 Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer
1.1 Air sinks at high pressure
1.2 At the equator air rises then condenses to form rain
1.2.1 This air moves toward the tropics Sinks at the tropics Air is dry NO condensation can form No clouds to block direct sun light
1.2.2 Know as the Hadley cell
2 Cold ocean currents
2.1 Happens at deserts near the coast
2.2 The cold ocean makes it hard for moisture to be held in the air
2.3 Most of the rain falls before it hits the land
3 Rain Shadow effect
3.1 Needs a mountain to happen
3.2 Air is forced up the mountain
3.2.1 The air cools and condenses Rain falls on one side of the mountain Dry air sinks down the other side of the mountain
4 Facts
4.1 Some deserts lie too far inland
4.1.1 Clouds with rain/precipitation cant reach there
4.2 Dry deserts are arid
4.3 Less than 250mm of rain fall a year
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