Pre-Writing exercise: Introduction of Research Topic

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Pre writing research excersise

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Pre-Writing exercise: Introduction of Research Topic
1 Importance of the moderation of stress when socializing:
1.1 Effects on the tone of voice (can affect the receptors disposition towards the transmitter and thus, end the conversation).
1.1.1 Effects on the attitude (can alter the receptor's opinions of the trasmitter). Effects on the transmitter's body language (can accidentally harm the receptor).
1.2 Backgroud details of sociability under stress:
1.2.1 Lack of morals and manners. Bullying. Loss of production and employees with labors. Loss of registration number within schools and college.
1.2.2 Specific details about stress in social tier: Quarrels between families. Divorces. Disagreements and misundertandings beetween coworkers and students. Growing population of introverts. General problems of stress in social terms: Complicated to assuage, causing distress among relatives. Lack of communication. Socially inept children difficult to raise.
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