Thariq Amir - Creative Producer

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Thariq Amir - Creative Producer
1 Project Management
1.1 Languaging Promos
1.1.1 Cartoon Network - Hindi, Thai and Mandarin promos
1.1.2 Fox Sports - Total BWF World Championships - Language Bahasa Indonesia
1.2 Central point of communication
1.2.1 Ownership of creative projects
1.3 Budgets and resources
1.4 Campaigns and managing deliverable
1.4.1 Brainstorming Fox Sports December Monthly - Leading a brainstorming session and turning an initial monthly idea to a branding exercise that went across special programming stunts, greeting spots and social media
1.4.2 Wimbledon, IAAF World Championships, ICONS of ASIA IAAF World Championships scheduling. Preparing spots for blue ribbon events so audience can know when to tune in for the top events rather than wait around for hours for races like the Men's 100m Final
1.5 Social Media
1.5.1 Instagram and FB spots for Wimbledon 2015, IAAF World Championships
1.6 Sales Reels
1.6.1 Produced Fox Sports Sizzle reels pitching to clients like the J. League.
1.6.2 Produced Sizzle and Partnership reels leveraging Fox Sports' coverage of the Premier League
2 Interest in Sports
2.1 Football articles
2.2 Fox Sports
3 Teamwork
3.1 Report to Executive Producer
3.2 Team and people management skills
3.2.1 Getting member of staff promoted
3.2.2 Managing creative team at Cartoon Network
3.2.3 Fox Sports Academy Working with Marketing team on projects pushing CSR side of Fox Sports Mentoring Media students on Nanyang media course Spots were aired on Fox Sports Singapore Working with St. Patrick's Secondary School Students on Gaelic Football Spot Final Spot was shown on Singaporean TV and picked up by the Irish Independent
4 Ideas/Creativity
4.1 Cartoon Network
4.1.1 Toon Cricket: The Ultimate Showdown
4.1.2 TJ World Cup
4.1.3 Original Animation - Ben 10 vs Beast Boy
4.2 Fox Sports
4.2.1 Fox Sports News - Too Much Information
4.2.2 Fox Football - Let's Celebrate
4.2.3 Game Rap Promo
5 Additional language - French
6 London
6.1 Professional Challenge of speaking to a different audience
6.2 Providing fresh perspective with my professional background
7 Editing
7.1 Avid, FCP & Premiere Pro (Predator)
8 Problem Solver
8.1 Calm and focused regardless of turn around time & pressure
8.2 Bundesliga reel - With a turnaround time of a week, working over the Chinese New Year public holiday, I produced a pitch reel for Fox Sports top brass to present to the Bundesliga. Scripted, edited and used AE to do the reel whilst liaising with the EP and Head of Marketing to ensure it was on brand and message. Now Fox Sports has the world wide rights to the Bundesliga.
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