conflict poem collection

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conflict poem collection
1 a poison tree
1.1 context
1.1.1 the main story of the poem is about two people and they are foes
1.1.2 the main character of the the poem is a tree and it represents the anger
1.1.3 eventually the tree grows so much it grows an apple which represents revenge and the foe steals the apple and then eats the apple and dies and then the main character is now happy
1.2 language techniques
1.2.1 the poem is maily a metaphore in its self because of the way revenge is represented as the apple and the main characters tree represents anger
1.2.2 personification is used in the poem because of the way that the character is treating the anger like a plant because a plant
1.2.3 metaphors are used as the apple because the foe wanted to steal the apple or whatever the apple represented. but because the tree has been growing because the main character hasn't been tell ing the tree his feelings so the apple is the product of the maincharacters anger
2 the destruction of sennacherib
2.1 context
2.1.1 the poem is written by lord Byron who was born in 1788 and died in 1824 and was a romantic poet who was scandalous for his lovers and joined the greek army but got a fever and died
2.1.2 the poem is based on a bible story in chronicles about a war against a king who was known for being a fierce warrior but god defends the town that they are attacking and kills everyone but the king and then the king is murdered later by his sons for not being a true warroir
2.2 language techniques
2.2.1 similes are used in the poem at the start when it says the Assyrian came down like the wolf on the fold, this shows the power of the army and how feared they are to everyone else
2.2.2 metaphors are used when saying "the angel of death" this shows juxter position as well because angel and death are not 2 words that would be together normally
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