(10) Do Pressure groups strength democracy

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A level People and Politics (Pressure groups) Mind Map on (10) Do Pressure groups strength democracy, created by Marcus Danvers on 12/19/2013.

Marcus  Danvers
Created by Marcus Danvers almost 6 years ago
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(10) Do Pressure groups strength democracy
1 Pressure groups do strength democracy
1.1 They communicate opinion to politicians and policy makers
1.2 Representative democracy cannot itself ensure the state act in the interest of society
1.3 Interest and pressure groups, alongside public opinion and the media, help to check and balance government
1.4 Groups allow some citizens to speak to policy makers
1.5 PG leader have polentially more direct access to policy-makers to influence and commincate public views
2 Pressure groups weaken democracy
2.1 Promontinal groups "for citizens, but are not of citizens"
2.2 Groups minght encourage "ego-topic" (this suits me) not build support for "socio-tropic" (this benefits society)
2.3 Public do not elect PG leaders were as politicians are elected therefore there is a danger they do not want to represent the whole of society
2.4 Lack of choice in Pressure groups concerning specific "issue" therefore less democratic because political party offer choice on a large range of issue (national)
3 Monitoring of government by groups can have an impact on the ways in which politics is constructed
4 Such groups are often self-selecting and in britain often lead toward the liberal end of the spectrum

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