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latin storys
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1.1 labors of heracles
1.1.1 father zeus mother mortal princess alcmene hera cross with huby sent two snakes kill boy heracles strong strangled them hera revenged them and drove him insane made heracles kill family god cross and told him to do tasks set by his cousin
1.1.2 1st the nemian lion no weapon pearce its skin threw spears arrows followed in to den tried to strangle but ran around but held on until it died used its claw to cut a coat from skin reterned to cousine scared banished him from city
1.1.3 2end the hydra of lerna body dog grew snake heads lived in swamp protected by crab crushed crab tried to hit with club each head down 2,3 grew back with nethew told him burn stump each time kiled it and dipped arrows in blood now poisonus
1.1.4 3rd ceryneian hind capture alive deer gold horns, bronze feet quick chased for a year when caught he shot normal arrow through legs pining it caught up tied it up and took it back
1.1.5 4th the erymanthian boar told captured alive tracked it down drove it out of home the thicket out in to open ground jumped on back tied it up in chains before horns cut him
1.1.6 5th the augean stables clean out stables lots animals not been cleaned built up over years clean out in day give him animals diverted rivers alpheus and peneus they flushed away all the grime went to claim reward not given said the rivers did it allso not counted as an labour
1.1.7 6th the stymphilian birds man eating 100s lived over a marsh to watery to walk on but to solid for boat scared them by bangging the casternets athena gave him and shot them with arrows in the air killed lots rest fled
1.1.8 7th the centan bull capture it rampaging crete blew fire offerd help not taken he overpowerd it after a while and took it back
1.1.9 8th the horses of diomedies 4 mares trained to eat human overpowerd them and let them lose chasing them to sea sent his sevants after him but he dug a chanel letting water onto the plain they fled he then fed him to his horses and then controlled them, taking them back
1.1.10 9th the griddle of hippolyta wore a griidle round her neck its golden liked him offerd griddle hera cross so spread rummor he was going to abduct her people charged he killed them killed her and took griddle and fled gave it to eurystheus who gave it to daughter
1.1.11 10th the cattle of geryon steal them geryon strong 3 heads 3 bodys and 6 hands cattle garded by the son of aris and a dog with two heads he approched slowly dog smelt him and ran barking madly he killed them both with his club he started to drive off the cattle but geryon appeared and he shot him with an arrow and the goddes hera and was free to go
1.1.12 11th the apples of the hesperides heras tree present in her garden garded by the daughters of hesperus he siezed the god of the river and forced him to tell him where it was had to kill dragon ladon and then got atlus to get apples he held up sky while he was getting apples refused to lift it up again he said can you lift it up for a bit agreed and herculeus took apples and ran off
1.1.13 12th the capture of cerberus go down to the underworld and bring back cerberus coulbd be trapped down forever traveld to underworld on the river styx hades agreed but only if he got him with his bare hands wrapped up in claok from lion to stop being killed choaked him brought him back

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