How was Germany run after WW1?

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GCSE History (The Wiemar Consitution) Mind Map on How was Germany run after WW1?, created by ryansbarrett on 21/12/2013.

Created by ryansbarrett almost 6 years ago
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How was Germany run after WW1?
1 The Weimar republic was the government who ran Germany after WW1
2 The president
2.1 Elected every 7 years
2.2 Controlled armed forces
2.3 Stayed out of the way of day to day running of the counrty
2.4 In emergency could make laws without going through the Reichstag
2.4.1 Article 48
2.5 The chancellor
2.5.1 responsible for the day to day running of the counrty
2.5.2 Chosen by the president from the Reichstag
2.5.3 Like a prim minister
2.5.4 The Reichstag Parliament Voted on new laws Member elected every 4 years Through something called PR PR= Proportional representation This system helped small parties to have a say in parliament The German people Elected the president and the members of the reichstag All men and women over 20 could vote Adults had equal rights Also the right to free speech

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