How did the Nazis gain support?


GCSE History (Germany 1929 - 1947) Mind Map on How did the Nazis gain support?, created by Emily Gibson on 12/21/2013.
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Emily Gibson
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How did the Nazis gain support?
  1. Propaganda
    1. Posters
      1. Hitler was sent from heaven
        1. Aimed at working class (hit hard by Great Depression)
          1. Causing people to fear the Jews
            1. Made women seem the most important
          2. Stormtroopers
            1. Caused chaos and violence
              1. Unemployed joined them, getting food and shelter
                1. Popular with ex-soldiers
                2. The Great Depression - 1929
                  1. Hitler gained support from people who lost money from the Wall Street Crash and Great Depression
                  2. Middle class fear of communism
                    1. Nazis stood up to communists
                    2. Uniform
                      1. Determined, intimidating and ready for war
                      2. Hitler
                        1. Very chrismic
                          1. Said family was important - appealed to women
                            1. Blamed Jews for all problems
                              1. Believed in racial superiority - Arian
                                1. Promised to end unemployment
                                2. Anti-Treaty of Versailles
                                  1. Many German people felt the Government stabbed them in the back
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