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1 Scientists are constantly developing new drugs
1.1 Before these are released they have to be tested and trialled before being used by a population.
1.1.1 toxicity, efficacy(performance) and dose are tested for Tissues, cells and animals are tested on in the laboratry to predict how the drug may behave with humans clinical trials: these use healthy volunteers and patients Very low doses of new drug are given at the start of the clinical trial If the drug is found to be safe the optimum dose of the drug is then found through testing DOUBLE BLIND TRIALS: in these some of the patients are given a placebo (doesn't contain drug) neither the doctors or the patients know who received the placebo and who received the drug until the trial is complete placebo effect: the patient expects to feel better and so does even without receiving a drug
2 Statins: these prescribed drugs are used to lower the risk of heart and circulatory disease
2.1 Theres evidence statins lower cholesterol and risk of heart disease in diabetic patients
2.1.1 Original research was done by government scientists with a big sample(6000 patients) there was no connection to manufacturers during research
3 Drugs change your body chemistry some of the chemical changes cause the body to become addicted and can lead to physical withdrawal symptoms if the drug is not taken when desired E.G heroin, cocaine, nicotine, caffeine are very addictive
4 Thalidomide
4.1 This was developed and tested to be used as a sleeping pill, it was then found to relieve morning sickness in pregnant women which it had not been tested for. Unfortunately many mothers who took the drug caused htere babies to be born with no or abnormal limbs thalidomide is now banned and due to it drug testing has become more rigorous
4.1.1 more recently its been used to treat leprosy and other diseases
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