Collapse of peace by 1939

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Lachlan Thorpe
Created by Lachlan Thorpe almost 6 years ago
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Collapse of peace by 1939
1 Anschluss with Austria
1.1 1934: Dolfuss bans Nazism in Austria but Hitler orders them to make havoc
1.1.1 Dolfuss Murdered but coup fails
1.1.2 Mussolini honours agreement and moves troops to Brenner pass to stop Hitler
1.2 1938: 12 Feb Hitler insists that Schuschnigg agree to German domination of Austria. He agrees to unite economic/military policy
1.2.1 9 Mar: S calls a plebiscite when no help coming but Hitler threatens to invade S backs down and agrees to resign Replaced by Seyss-inquart who was interior minister
1.2.2 11 March: Goering dictates the new composition to S-I Hitler decides to invade anyway
1.2.3 12 Mar: German troops well received. Austria by law was united with Geramn Reich Austria became a province called Ostmark 99% voted yes in plebiscite held after dissolved reichstag
1.3 Austria had economic and political problems such as violently opposing parties and economic sanctions
2 Rome-Berlin Axis
2.1 Two leaders agreed to work together on common interest matters
2.1.1 Significant because they poured aircraft, weapons and troops into parts controlled by nationalists
2.1.2 Made both stronger as they could provide for eachother
3 Spanish Civil war
3.1 Between republicans and nationalists
3.2 significant because strengthened ties between axis powers
3.2.1 Both saw themselves as crusaders against communism
3.2.2 Testing round for weapons
4 Appeasement
4.1 Pro
4.1.1 Hitler was standing up to communism and Stalin
4.1.2 Not certain that All of British empire would support war
4.1.3 Must not repeat horrors of WW1
4.1.4 Armed forces not ready for war
4.1.5 Own economic problems caused by depression
4.1.6 Sympathetic to ToV and hope once terms were put right, Germany would be peaceful
4.1.7 No support from USA if war
4.2 Con
4.2.1 Encouraged Hitler to be aggressive
4.2.2 Too much trust in Hitler's promises Eg. Piece of paper after agreements over Sudetenland
4.2.3 Allowed Germany to grow to strong much more strong than GB or F
4.2.4 It scared the USSR as GB and F would not stop Hitler's plans to expand eastwards.
5 Nazi Soviet pact 1939 24 Aug
5.1 Stalin worried
5.1.1 Hitler vs Communism
5.1.2 Could not make agreement with GB or F
5.1.3 League powerless
5.1.4 Worried France would not honour the treaty in 1935 Could not stop Rhineland
5.1.5 GB and F powerless to stop Hitler and were happy for him to expand east Munich agreement 38
5.1.6 GB and F signed an agreement to defend Poland
5.2 Agreed not to attack each other
5.2.1 Poland divided
5.3 Why sign?
5.3.1 GB and F would not be strong/reliable enough allies
5.3.2 Wanted to take over large sections of Poland and Baltic states
5.3.3 Did not believe Hitler would keep his word but would give him time to build up forces
6 Sudetenland
6.1 GB, F and USSR all promised to defend Czech
6.2 Contains many forts/railways/industries
6.3 15th sep, Cham agreed with Hit that Hit could have parts of the Sudetenland if plebiscite
6.4 22nd sep, Hit increased his demands, wanted all of it
6.4.1 Chamberlain thinks unreasonable, mobilises navy
6.5 29th sep, Munich agreement
6.5.1 Give Hitler what he wanted. Betrayed Czechs
6.6 1st October troops marched in
6.6.1 Chamberlain trusted Hitler
7 1 sep 1939, Germany invaded Poland from West
7.1 USSR from the East on 17th
7.1.1 3 sep GBF declared war on Germany

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