Christina Rossetti - Goblin Market

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Christina Rossetti - Goblin Market
1 Women
1.1 Sisterhood
1.1.1 Involved in Anglican sisterhood Submit to higher male authority Freud: "Sublimation" Redirecting the libido from sexual gratification, in act of religious faith Doesn't seem Christly? 'Eat me, drink me, love me' Homoeroticism Bynum: 'the Eucharist [provoked] intense cravings that Laura experienced'. Evoking Christian ritual within Lizzies redemption of sis.
1.2 Emergence in the public sphere
1.2.1 The repetition/ listing/ irregular rhythm scheme/ loose iambic tetrameters "Come buy, come buy,” was still their cry Undercurrent of anxiety
1.3 Prostitution
2 Religion
2.1 Deeply devoted Anglican
2.2 Oppression of religious patriarchal institutions
2.3 'Suck [her] juices'
2.3.1 ludicrously erotic
2.3.2 But spiritual as well as sexual... Can be read as: faith, (sisterhood) surpassing transgression Intense spiritual longing of a woman The frantic incessant listings of fruit, first stanza starts syndetic listing then becomes asyndetic. Quickening rhythm
2.4 Story of Adam + Eve, taking the "forbidden fruit" . Exploration X cynical but question if she was to blame
3 Sexual trangression
3.1 Radiates sexual tension
3.1.1 Semantic field of sensual/erotic imagery 'Squeezed their fruits/ against her mouth' 'Suck her juices' 'She suck'd until her lips were sore' The stressed 'Suck'd' beside 2 unstressed, emphasised. The plosive 'd' also juts out into our consciousness because of the sibilant sound
3.2 Desire
3.2.1 Gilbert and Gubar Such monsters project the 'seductions of the male muse'
3.3 The libido and thirst for the fruit offers this paradox
3.3.1 paradisal + demonic
3.4 Waldman; 'The Demon and the Damsel'
3.4.1 Strong phallic components 'A better Resurrection' Rise in me Female as a vessel The holy cup
4 Victorian culture
4.1 Consumerism
4.1.1 Lizzie's penny The Goblins do not accept the coin 'Lashing their tails/ they trod and hustled her' Not part of the economy of male brotherhood But part of gift economy in religious salvation and sisterhood 'One call'd her proud'
4.2 Expectation as a woman to abide moral laws by men, while also living in the "male" laws of prejudice/ deprivation of civil rights/ class issues.
4.3 Leighton analysis of Browning's 'The Runaway Slave at Pilgrim Point'
4.3.1 Social code: Character Marian's life a kind of wrong 'from the beginning'
4.3.2 Comparison to Laura = less wealthy than liz with silver penny... So makes physical offering
4.3.3 Fate imposed on women
4.3.4 Only redeem NOT overpower. Enforcing role/ "fate" of women, serving for something else
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