Target Audience!

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Target Audience!
1 Niche
1.1 our film opening will appeal to a niche market audience rather than a mass audience.
2 secondary
2.1 parents/Adults
2.1.1 classes C1,C2,,D and E
2.1.2 our film story line is suitable for people over the age of 13. there for we could have a variety of older viewers from the secondary audience profile.
2.1.3 age 22-4o
2.2 males
2.2.1 even though males are secondary, some might be primary and they might have female companions who are female and are viewing the film.
2.2.2 class C2,D,E
2.2.3 age 14-21
3 primary
3.1 female
3.1.1 this is our target group as the actresses and character are all played by female members. also the story line relates to them as well.
3.2 ages 14-21
3.2.1 this age group was selected and chosen as it would relate to them better.
4 Classes
4.1 classes C2,D,E
4.2 these are the classes our target group and age fit into. Also other classes are able to watch as well.
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