4 Main political parties

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Created by ryansbarrett almost 6 years ago
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4 Main political parties
1 The spartacist uprising
1.1 Led by the communist party
1.2 Set up by
1.2.1 Rosa Luxemburg
1.2.2 Karl Liebknecht
1.3 Wanted to take over because they wanted a full scale communist revolution
1.3.1 Like the Russian revolution in 1912
1.4 Tried to take over by turning peaceful protests into a revolution
1.4.1 Never came close to taking over the country Because The uprising was planned badly Didn't get support from the other left wing groups Both their main leaders were murdered and without the leaders the spartacist was defeated
2 The red army
2.1 Led by
2.1.1 Groups of workers
2.1.2 Members of the communist party
2.2 Wanted to take over because the workers were angry about bad pay and bad working conditions
2.3 Tried to take over by
2.3.1 The workers occupying the Ruhr region and taking control of its raw materials
2.4 Never came close to taking over because
2.4.1 Communist party had weak leadership
2.4.2 Didn't have clear idea of what they were doing
2.4.3 Didn't have much support and the German army had killed over 1000 workers
3 The Kapp putsch
3.1 Led by
3.1.1 Freikorps units Led by Wolfgang kapp
3.2 Wanted to take over because
3.2.1 Government ordered that Freikorps brigades be disbanded
3.3 Had tried to take over by
3.3.1 Marching 12,000 Freikorps into berlin Government was forced to flee So the Freikorps put Kapp forward as new leader of germany Only lasted 4 days before Kapp fled from Berlin Ebert's government returned
4 Munich putsch
4.1 Led by the Nazi party
4.1.1 Led by hitler
4.1.2 Led by general ludendorff Popular ww1 hero involved with the Kapp putsch
4.1.3 55,000 members
4.1.4 own army called the sa
4.2 Wanted to take over because
4.2.1 They believed that there should only be one political party with on leader
4.3 Tried to take over by
4.3.1 Nazis planned to take over the goverment Set general Ludendorff as leader
4.3.2 Forced Kahr to support their plan
4.3.3 Never really came close Kahr withdrew his support Armed Nazis had a fight with armed police and 14 were killed The leaders were arrested and put in prison Hitler for 5 years

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