Militarism: Naval race

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Militarism: Naval race
1 BRITAIN: Needs a strong navy
1.1 Britain was an island - to protect its coastlines
1.2 To protect the overseas empire
1.3 Needed to protect trade ships
1.3.1 Relied on trade with other nations
2 GERMANY: Expanded navy
2.1 Wilhelm ll was jealous of Britain and their Empire
2.2 He needed a larger navy to protect the empire
2.3 The naval program began in 1898
3 BRITAIN : Response to Germany
3.1 Increases size of navy
3.2 The two power standard changed from Russia and France to Germany and France
3.3 The idea that Britain would have a navy big enough that no one would attack
3.4 New naval ports were built in Scotland to protect the north sea
4.1 Britain built the biggest ship in 1906
4.1.1 Most powerful ship ever
4.2 Germany developed their own Dreadnought style
4.3 1914 Britain had 29 DN class and Germany had 17
5.1 Britain felt threatened by germany
5.2 Relations between the two became worse
5.3 Britain signed Naval agreement and alliance
5.3.1 Entente cordial in 1904 with France
5.3.2 Secret naval agreement in 1911
5.4 Britain's ships would patrol the North sea and French ships
5.4.1 And the Mediterranean if war broke out
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