SAB9#9 Project life cycle

Juan Garcia
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Juan Garcia
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SAB9#9 Project life cycle
  1. Models project life cycle
    1. Iterative
      1. Those in which the scope, time and cost are determined as soon as possible in the life cycle of the project and efforts are aimed at meeting the commitments
      2. adaptive
        1. Also known as change-oriented methods or agile methods respond to high levels of change and continuous participation of stakeholders..
        2. predictive
          1. A set of tasks grouped in small repetitive steps
        3. Objectives::
          1. When to generate deliverables
            1. Who is involved in each phase
              1. How to control and approve each phase.
                1. What technical work should be done in each phase
                2. The project life cycles generally define :
                  1. Set of interrelated sequential phases in a project
                    1. Phases : A series of subsequent activities that are usually performed for a purpose that is the main objective of the project.
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