ATP, Photosynthesis & Respiration

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Summary of the biochemical reactions learned in A2 Biology

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ATP, Photosynthesis & Respiration
1 ATP & Energy
1.1 Why Do Organisms Need Energy?
1.1.1 Metabolism
1.1.2 Movement Locomotion Blood Circulation
1.1.3 Active Transport
1.1.4 Maintenance, Repair & Division of Cells
1.1.5 Production of Substances Enzymes Hormones
1.1.6 Maintenance of Body Temperature (Birds & Mammals)
1.2 How ATP Stores Energy
1.2.1 Phosphate Bonds Low Activation Energy Large Energy Release
1.2.2 ATP + H2O > ADP + Pi + Energy
1.3 Synthesis of ATP
1.3.1 Addition of Phosphate Molecules Photophosphorylation Thylakoid Electron Carrier Chain Oxidative Phosphorylation Mitochondrial Electron Carrier Chains Substrate-Level Phosphorylation Phosphate From Donor Molecules Eg: Triose Phosphate in Glycolysis
1.4 Roles of ATP
1.4.1 Immediate Energy Source Single Reaction, Very Rapid Small, Manageable Quantities Released Directly to Reaction Requiring It
2 Respiration
3 Photosynthesis
3.1 Leaf Adaptations
3.1.1 Large Surface Area
3.1.2 Numerous Stomata for Gas Exchange
3.1.3 Air Spaces for Diffusion
3.1.4 Transparent Cuticle
3.1.5 Thin for Short Diffusion Distance
3.2 Light Dependent Reaction
3.2.1 Chloroplast Adaptations Large Thylakoid Surface Area Enzymes on Granal Membrane DNA & Ribosomes for Protein Manufacture
3.2.2 Photolysis of Water Water Split by Light Energy to Replace Chlorophyll's Lost Electrons When Light Hits It 2H20 > 4H+ (Protons) + 4e- (Electrons) + O2
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