"Without application in the world the value of knowledge is greatly diminished"

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Consider this claim with respect to two Areas of knowledge

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"Without application in the world the value of knowledge is greatly diminished"
1 Knowledge Question
1.1 To what extent does the value of knowledge change across different disciplines
2 Claim
2.1 Due to the inability to apply knowledge from AOK 1 (Natural Science) in AOK 2 (History) the value of knowledge from AOK 1 is greatly diminished in AOK 2
2.1.1 History RLS In WW2 the german tiger Tank were one of the advence tank through out the war engaging terror into the opponents. thie German engineering at that time was soon superseded by better engineering which led to better tacks especially those in the 21st century Knowledge from history would not be able to retain its effectiveness in science as it is changing from time to time. advancements are made to further improve the current technology. thus the knowledge of history when appied in NS is greatly diminshed Concepts and Ideas History has difficulty in applying itself in N.S as the nature of N.S that is ever changing. Old theories and tech are always superseded by new knowledge and tech Nature of History
2.1.2 Natural Science RLS How does scientific study that would bring about the underlying cause of the emergence of World War 2 In the causation of world war 2 revolved around human nature and how conflict manifest between them. thus making natural science to examine and determine the cause of WW2 is a ridiculous claim Concepts and Ideas Knowledge from natural science cold not be applied in history as they do not share common grounds between the two AOK thus causing knowledge from natural science to be devalued or useless in history Nature of N.S
3 Counter Claim
3.1 Knowledge (from NS) bring about the application in another discipline (History) which gives added value as there is an application of it in (History)
3.1.1 Natural Science RLS Understanding of the properties of different isotopes of carbon can be used in carbon dating which helps in verifying the various artifacts uncovered at dig sites giving an accurate time line of history The accurate dating of artifacts gives novel data to history causing the knowledge of carbon isotopes valuable in history Concepts and Ideas N.S has been used to prove history , hus in doing so he knowledge uilized in science is also beneficial in history giving added value o he knowledge that originate from N.S
3.1.2 History RLS Concepts and Ideas
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