Language Assessment

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Language assessment mindmap

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Language Assessment
1 Collects information & makes decision about language learner ability
1.1 Test performance
1.2 Score
1.3 Learner's capacity
1.4 Inference
2 Types
2.1 Proficiency Assessment
2.1.1 Skill in real world + context
2.2 Achievement Assessment
2.2.1 Learning in a program (grades)
3 Purposes
3.1 Curriculum
3.2 Communication
3.3 Accountability
4 Test method
4.1 Elicit particular response in test-takers
4.2 Characteristics
4.2.1 Settings
4.2.2 Rubrics
4.2.3 Input
4.2.4 Output
4.2.5 Relation between input & output
4.2.6 Related to Validation Sub-types Content Criterion-related Construct
4.3 Test analysis
4.3.1 Item difficulty Test construct Examinees tested Test use
4.3.2 Correlation Similarity of tests measuring the same construct
5 Construct (unconnected to curriculum)
5.1 Ability/Performance
5.1.1 Ability Abstract demostration of knowledge
5.1.2 Performance Actual performance of relevant tasks
5.2 Specific/General purpose
5.2.1 Specific Test-tasks represent tasks in target situation
5.2.2 General Assesses language in a non specific context
5.3 Perspective and Specificity
6 Washback
6.1 Influence of testing in teaching
7 Alternative assessment
7.1 Observation
7.2 Portfolios
7.3 Self-assessment
7.4 Learning journals
7.5 Project work
7.6 Peer-assessment
7.7 Teacher-developed tasks & simulations
7.8 Outcome-based assessment
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