Truth Fantasy Fiction

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Truth Fantasy Fiction
1 Truth
1.1 Emotions
1.1.1 Facts Statistic Enviroment Politics Curruption human trafficing Pollution Unhealthy law
1.1.2 cheating/lying
1.1.3 disguise facade pre face book bibliography
1.2 white lie
1.2.1 lie
1.3 anti lie
1.4 most googled truth
1.4.1 is it true that opposites atrract
1.4.2 the world is going to end
1.4.3 walt Disney is frozen
1.4.4 the world is going to end in 2012
2 Fantasy
2.1 Story
2.1.1 Tale/myth folk law vampires/ warewolves
2.1.2 Disney
2.2 surreal
2.2.1 imagine impossible belief religion Centuries of stories
2.3 dream or dreams
2.3.1 sleeping nightmare
2.3.2 actual goals
2.3.3 day dream
2.4 angels and demons
2.4.1 contrast colours emotions
3 Fiction
3.1 Lie
3.1.1 child fiction book Fairytales
3.2 Illusion
3.2.1 magic trick colours shadows make-up actresses reality shows tv shoes shows* more lies
3.2.2 black and white twirl
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