The Korean War (1950 - 1953)

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Created by dottydiva96 almost 6 years ago
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The Korean War (1950 - 1953)
1 June 25, 1950: North Korea crosses the 38th Parallel, invading South Korea
1.1 NK tanks reach Seoul
2 June 27, 1950: Truman commits US Naval and Air support to South Korea
2.1 General MacArthur soon flies out to South Korean headquarters
2.1.1 North Korean People's Army capture SK headquarters in Suwon
3 August 27, 1950: US planes accidentally attack Manchurian airfields
4 September 15, 1950: With US/UN/ROK forces pushed back to small area around Pusan
4.1 15th - 19th: MacArthur launches the Inchon Invasion (huge success)
4.1.1 Allows them to recapture Seoul and push northwards
5 September 27, 1950: MacArthur gives OK for US forces to cross the 38th Parallel
5.1 Rhee's government take back Seoul
6 October 9, 1950: US Army crosses 38th Parallel
6.1 Truman puts limits on MacArthur
6.1.1 MacArthur ignores these limits and gets too close to Yalu River and Chinese border
6.1.2 US accidently capture Chinese troops
7 October 19, 1950: US forces occupy Pyongyang
8 November: Chinese forces move into NK and push US troops back down to 38th parallel
8.1 Seoul is recaptured by communists
9 November 30, 1950: In press conference, Truman admits US may be considering using A-Bomb
10 April 5th 1951: Truman dismisses MacArthur
10.1 US push communists back up to 38th parallel
10.2 Seoul changes hands for 4th time
10.3 Replaced by Ridgeway who is merciless
11 July 8, 1951: Peace talks begin at Kaesong
11.1 October 25, 1951: Peace talks resume at Panmunjom
12 June 1952: Washington authorizes bombing Korean power plants on the Yalu river
12.1 US air attack Pyongyang
13 July 27, 1953: Peace Treaty signed at Panmunjom. 38th parallel reset as boundary between communist North and anti-communist South. Cold War tensions continue

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